I Am Not Worried About Estate Planning

I am one of those people who tend to keep to themselves. My family has not talked to me in years and I really could not care less. As I am aging, people keep coming to me and mentioning Austin estate planning attorney and I am not sure why. I really do not care if my family tears one another to pieces over the money I have since I will not be around for it anyway. I really do not care who gets wheat since I will be gone on to a much better place.


Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I will do some estate planning. I want to donate everything I have to some kind of charity. This is better than giving it to a family who does not really deserve it. I just have to figure out what type of causes I want to support. I am not really into animals or the environment or anything like that. I guess I will give a good amount to homeless charities and the rest can go to those that help children. That will put my money to very good use instead of wasting it.

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